Flash Fiction Magazine - Issue 3

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Flash Fiction Magazine - Issue 3

The third issue of Flash Fiction Magazine showcases the work of thirty exceptionally talented literary artists who have mastered the art of terse storytelling. The very short fiction featured in this magnificent collection runs the gamut from kitchen sink realism to outrageous farce to horror and fantasy. Covering a wide range of genres and styles, these short short stories invite the reader into myriad unforgettable lives and situations, offering among their many gifts lessons in balloon swallowing, powerful memories from the day the moon was conquered, and wedding flowers for the taking.

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The Suicide of the Moon: And Other Stories by Taylor Eaton

“An Outstanding Work of Art.”

“Gorgeous Writing.”

The Suicide of the Moon: And Other Stories

An army of men that set about cleaning the moon each month. A cursed queen. A man whose job is to create moons. A love story. A couple overwhelmed by the emptiness of their home. A lonely deity. All these stories—and more—are centered around the theme of the moon and can be found in the pages of “The Suicide of the Moon.”

Drawing in the Dark by Jeremy Baker

“A brilliant first outing for a future bestselling author!”

“You have GOT to read this!”

Drawing in the Dark

On a lonely mountain, deep in the high desert country of the American Southwest, a rifle-toting nun faces an unexpected test. A scientist makes an incredible discovery at the heart of a melting European glacier, and nine years later finds himself inexorably drawn back to the site. During the Siege of Bastogne, while facing overwhelming odds in the frozen forests of Belgium, a pragmatic young medic encounters a war he never could have imagined. The Florida Everglades exert an irresistible, supernatural pull on a dying man, the last descendant of a great Seminole shaman. A young girl, trapped in a waking nightmare and seemingly without hope, devises her ultimate escape using the most unexpected tools. A group of desperate men, almost out of luck and on the run, find themselves in an eerie Badlands town. Jeremy Baker delivers these tales and more, in a collection of twelve haunting short stories and one novella.

Stopover and Other Stories for a Rainy Night by Regina Clarke

Stopover and Other Stories for a Rainy Night

Arnold Knight is sure he's spotted a crime in the neighborhood through binoculars, to the annoyance of his sister and the police; two men are stuck in an elevator and one decides to tell a scary story, too convincingly; a private detective is on a personal errand of revenge when he makes the mistake of stopping at an abandoned diner; a new warden uses a Tarot card to uncover a woman's escape from a foolproof cell…

Just some of the mystery short stories—from detective and police procedural to the cozy amateur sleuth—that come to life in the pages of this collection.

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